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Our Services

Our Services are different from most agencies in the insurance industry and the reason Structure Insurance Group is unique.   Our approach includes the following services:

  • Insurance Spotlighting
  • Risk and Contract Review
  • Insurance Check-Up
  • Pre-Inspection and Loss Prevention Recommendations
  • Industry Analysis
  • Professional Life Support
  • Insurance Selection
  • Disaster Recovery

We will first acquire a solid understanding of who you are, what you do, and determine what’s important related to the success of your business and personal needs.  Once we have a solid understanding of you and your company we will begin to spotlight you and your organization to paint the best picture an underwriter can imagine and start working with our carriers to obtain the most competitive insurance proposals based on your needs, exposures, and industry related issues.

Our approach is unlike any other insurance agency.  Most agencies collect the information pertaining to coverage, loss data, and exposures without fully understanding your business and expose you in ways that can negatively impact your premiums and coverage.  We don’t expose you at all, we spotlight you in an open market format, allowing underwriters to review loss ratios, internal controls related to loss prevention, fleet safety, industry operations, business success, management experience, future goals, incumbent carrier and agency relationships, and much more. 


Risk Contract Review:
Next we will access the internal and external risks associated with both insurance and the business environment that you face.  We will present and discuss the perils that existing companies in your industry are challenged with and how they are addressing these issues.

Insurance Check-up:
Analyzing your business and recommending what you need to do in order to stay financially healthy.

Pre-Inspection and Loss Prevention Recommendations:
Pre-onsite visits to your location/s to help you address ergonomic issues and safety concerns related to your property and business functionality. 

Industry Analysis:
The industry analysis provides you with data that allows you to benchmark yourself against other companies in your industry.  Compare loss trends, measure success based on ROI, Experience Mod calculations, and measure market share.  

Professional Life Support:
As a policyholder, our Professional Life Support network gives you access to successful entrepreneurs who have the expertise in your industry to help guide you through making the best decisions for your business.  They have already learned the hard way and survived, why not take advantage of their expertise.

Insurance Selection:
To protect your business we will attract the most competitive insurance plans from a price point and coverage selection to give you the best insurance program available.  We will guide you in helping you understand the coverage and products available for you, your employees, your partners, and your business.     


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