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Insurance Programs

Green Industries:

Protecting Your Green Enterprise.  You run a nursery, greenhouse, fruit or vegetable operation, landscaping or floral business.  The work is tough and the hours are long but so are the rewards.  Your stock is highly perishable.  Your equipment is expensive.  And the work can be dangerous.  Your green enterprise is unique; part farm, part business.  We understand your challenges, so let us design a policy with valuable coverage and features tailored for your specialized business operation needs. 

Artisan Contractors and Bonds:
Structure Insurance Group has helped small and large construction firms and artisan contractors for the past 12 years.  We understand the issues and risks associated with your business environment.  Our trusted advisors have earned their CRIS “Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist” designation to help design insurance protection plans based on your trade specialty. 

Organic Farm and Food Insurance Program:
We believe the best organic food is grown closest to you.  Today there is a cultural shift that’s gradually moving towards the consumption of non-GMO organic food.  Why?  Because organic food tastes better and has more nutritious value that supports a healthy lifestyle.  Structure Insurance Group supports all local organic farms and food distributors by purchasing, volunteering, and properly protecting their assets.  Buying organic food is good for your local economy--buying directly from family farmers helps them stay in business.

Private Schools and Daycares:
We offer a package of insurance uniquely designed to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for schools and daycare centers.  Our school program includes coverage for private, academic and vocational schools from Pre K to College.  We also offer programs for Day Care Facilities that are licensed, non-residential child care facilities for infants to kindergarten-aged children, pre-schools, and after-school care through grade 8. 

By and large farming is a family endeavor, rich in tradition.  And while the way you operate your business can change from one generation to the next, some things remain constant.  Whether you operate a cattle ranch or a dairy farm...own an equine operation or a poultry farm...whether you grow cash crops or manage a greenhouse, you shouldn't have to worry about whether you have the correct insurance coverage to fit your ever-changing needs.

Our equine insurance program for the smallest to the largest farm operations is especially designed to address risks involving horses. It can help protect you from claims brought against you as a result of your horse activities. And it provides flexible property and casualty coverage for horse operations of all sizes and scopes. So whether you breed horses as a profession, or board them for recreation, we can help you develop the right type of coverages to best protect your interests.  

Country Estates:
Whether you have a modest fruit and vegetable stand, a small pick-your-own Christmas tree operation or a few horses out to pasture, if you have a small farm, you have risks. And we have protection just right for you.   Our Country Estate program is designed for people who enjoy farming on the side, but make most of their income elsewhere. The Country Estate goes beyond traditional homeowner coverage, providing a flexible farm package tailored to the needs of residential farmers like you.  

Cyber Liability and Identity Theft Insurance Program:
In today’s technology driven environment the risks associated with doing business online and the sending, receiving, and storing of sensitive data has never been greater.  Cyber Liability risks are drastically increasing and data breaches are affecting companies and individuals every day.  Claims can cause significant out-of-pocket and reputational costs to a company.   

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